One can find problems in everything, we can twist and turn all the information, all possibilities of something negative. This is also the way we look at immigration, refugees and migration. We can choose to see what is happening in Sweden and many other countries as a major concern, a great cost. Alternatively, we can see it as a new economy with new opportunities and advantages.


The Industrialism – The IT era – The Integration era, dangerous opportunities

I and many others are, of course, too young to comment on how it was during industrialization in Sweden or elsewhere in the world. However, I am not too young to remember the entrance of the IT era, and its impacts and opportunities in Sweden and the world. We who worked in the industry and many others called IT during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s ”the new economy”. There were many, especially people from the 40’s generation, who felt that IT was a bubble, without value. I was young when I worked in the IT industry, but they got me in the end, the 40’s generation. They led me to believe that there was no value and that it was just a bubble that would burst. The problem is that when we were enough people who were convinced about the problem, it became a problem and the bubble burst. I and many others were in a vacuum, without work, without jobs or opportunities.

The integration / migration era – a new economy?

I am not an economist, I’m not an engineer, it is possible, perhaps likely, that I am wrong but I have a faith, a belief, a thesis: – An economy is not based on the availability of money, the economy is based on actively involving in creating demand and opportunity.

We can choose to see refugees, human beings, as a problem, something costly, something we are afraid of. We can liken this to the fear we had in 1997, that computers could do any job within a couple of years, we humans would not be needed? STOP THE PROGRESS! This feels uncomfortable.

– I would never buy a sweater on the Internet, one wants to try it out at first of course. Today, almost 20 years later, it is the norm that we buy most of our clothes online.

The computers did not replace us, computers created new opportunities, it became a new economy because it resulted in new needs! No need to buy a sweater on the Internet without the need for new jobs, new training, new opportunities. That way, revenue is started and the creation of a new economy.

The future of our children

Can we with that in mind try to see the possibilities in that we are recieving refugees in Sweden. Maybe it is so that we have a need, not a need to get refugees into Sweden, but a need for a new economy? Which requires new training and new professions we do not know today. If you 25 years ago held a newborn baby in your arms and someone told you that you were holding a future .NET programmer in your arms, then you would probably wonder. What is a .NET programmer? It would have been impossible to answer because .NET did not exist 25 years ago.

Could we then imagine that our newborn child today is a future Migranomist or Migralogist? Occupations that do not exist or are not invented yet! Professions that are working to reduce the distance of languages, religions and cultures. They may even be educations for Migranomists or Migralogists.

What we choose to see as a problem or as something costly today may be what your child will work with and support themselves through in the future. Isn’t it’s scary! STOP THE PROGRESS!