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Självbildarna is Sweden’s first dedicated communication and pronunciation education! Our goal is to promote integration. The education gives the participants the possibility to increase their ability to integrate and communicate in their workplace and in the Swedish society



Självbildarnas presentation at Näringslivsuppropet i Malmö

Jakob Svärd at Självbildarna describes the possibilities of integration through pronunciation training.



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Our Method

Our method is developed by the speech therapists and gives our participants a work platform

Självbildarna provides pronunciation training in Swedish for immigrants and refugees. We do this in order to facilitate integration and a faster introduction of new Swedes in the workplace. We also help employers / companies with people who are in Sweden to work for a longer period, and integrated people who privately want to better their Swedish accent.

We try to ensure a possibility of people coming to Sweden. We want to reduce tensions and the distances between people who come to Sweden from various parts of the world and we want to do so primarily by reducing language barriers.

When you get to Sweden

In Sweden, people who come here as immigrants or refugees, and get the right of residence, are offered SFI (Swedish for immigrants). This means that every individual should have the opportunity to master the Swedish language to the extent that one can handle the most basic, buy food, ask questions, and so on. It simply provides a vocabulary, vocabulary and transparency of Swedish grammar. This is, of course, according to us, great. We must however note that SFI is not focusing on the aesthetics of the Swedish language, which means that the pronunciation of graduated SFI students is substandard in relation to society’s standards. Unfortunately, SFI won’t be enough for immigrants and refugees to automatically find it easier to enter the labor market, gain contacts and more.

Speech therapy and pronunciation training for immigrants and refugees

To speak a language requires more than just vocabulary, it is about practicing and practicing, you must dare! To practice and dare you also need to know what to practice on. That’s what we at Självbildarna want to contribute. – To, together with our speech therapists of different competences, create forums and training for pronunciation training to immigrants and refugees.

Language training

To succeed and grow in the Swedish language is of course a matter of talent and language abilities. There are people who came to Sweden just a few years ago who speak fantastic Swedish. This can be likened to playing trumpet, piano or any other instrument. Some people are musical and will quite simply be surprisingly good at the instrument, the rest of us require understanding and exercise. As an immigrant, refugee or foreigner, the challenge to speak the Swedish language is equated with you having to play the trumpet in public without mastering it. If you just got to practice before with the help of a teacher, it would have felt better but now you know that everyone will think that you are bad at it.

Strengthen your self-image through language training

Our concept and methodology hasn’t as a goal that everyone who comes to Sweden should speak perfect Swedish, it will not work because it is based on both talent, age, what language family you descend from, and more. However, we want to strengthen immigrants’ and refugees’ confidence to start, trying to imitate and to speak Swedish, mimicking what we call Swedish without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Självbildarna is a social entrepreneurial initiative, but the basic idea is to look at migration, the stream of refugees and the differences as a new economy, a great opportunity.